With more than 600,000 active installs, Meta Slider has been the reigning king of free slider plugins for the past couple of years and it doesn’t look like it will be knocked out of the top spot anytime soon. If you want to add sliders to your site with no fuss, this is the plugin you need to download.

It comes with four jQuery sliders – Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, Flex Slider, and Responsive Slides – and each slider has its own set of effects (slide in, fold, fade etc). You can also pick from light and dark styling options and whether you want to display navigation buttons.

Adding sliders to your posts and pages is simple – upload your images, select the options you want and insert the resulting shortcode where you want your slider to display on your site. A handy “Add Slider” button is also added to posts and pages in case you forget to copy the shortcode.

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